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Service Areas

Service Areas

Service Areas



Through conversation, exploration and research we find real insights and propositions that will propel your brand, products and business objectives. The information obtained during this strategic process will help steer the creative process and will ultimately ensure you connect with your target audience across all platforms.


With detailed planning your strategy can be brought to life, maximising the impact of all the marketing channels available. By combining traditional and modern media, the latest technology and many years experience we can effectively tailor a plan to suit your specific brief.


An idea can come from anywhere, but a unique idea sparks interest, excitement and momentum for your brand. Here at Q+H, we believe in an open-minded and collaborative approach where anything is possible. Our broad experience across all media allows us to have a fully integrated outlook on any brief.


An engaging concept is the hook that will get your brand noticed and keep customers interested. It helps to define your core-marketing message, underpinning the creative solution or campaign. We explore and test proposed concepts to ensure our creative solution has traction and longevity to ultimately deliver on your business objectives.

Name Generation

A memorable name is a vital way to capture your audience’s attention and create a point of difference in a crowded marketplace. We begin by understanding your story, to identify what will truly resonate and be remembered. Then we explore, research and work together to find the perfect name that reflects your core values.

Brand Language

The way in which you talk to your audience, potential consumers or the public can dramatically influence how your brand is perceived. When building your brand we help to define your tone of voice, ensuring you speak to your audience in a language that is consistent and compelling.

Brand Review

In a world that is constantly evolving it is important to understand whether or not your brand is still relevant to its existing target audience. Our brand review objective is to ultimately keep your brand current and captivating. We will listen to the challenges you face, and together we can address what needs to be fixed - re-capturing the hearts and minds of your customers.

Consumer Testing

It’s important to determine whether strategic concepts are relevant to your chosen audience. Sound testing enables ideas to be sense-checked making sure that they can engage, interpret and challenge your brand ideals. Feedback gained from testing can help to provide key insights, inform the right creative approach and clarify what needs to be addressed.