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  • We all know that KFC can be pretty damn “finger lickin good”*, but using your smartphone whilst chomping down on a family sized bucket – don’t judge, we’ve all been there, can sometimes leave a not-so-good oily smudge on your touchscreen.

    This is why German agency Serviceplan have invented the KFC Tray Typer – a durable paper tray that transforms into a super-thin, rechargeable wireless keyboard when you connect your smartphone via Bluetooth, so that you can use your smartphone – without it getting dirty – while enjoying your KFC meal.

  • The Tray Typer – whilst admittedly a slightly crazy concept, demonstrates how brands are finding ways to engage with their customers digitally beyond the point of purchase and physical product. By transforming an often forgotten printed asset into something cool, interesting and ultimately useful, KFC was able to offer an additional product to customers that they may not have realised they needed. During the trial KFC saw that geolocated social media discussions about KFC and the tray skyrocketed, whilst the take home of the smart paper trays was 100%.
    This is interactive marketing and print at its finest.


    KFC – Tray Typer from This is for the jury on Vimeo.

  • Original article by Design Taxi

    *Other chicken shops are available

By Q+H