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  • Q+H were approached by Kinnerton Confectionery to help create a new brand for their Free From chocolate range. Renowned for its delicious taste and being free from dairy, the range required a new identity that really reflected its personality and product quality.

    Q+H worked alongside the Kinnerton brand team to reinvent both the branding and packaging, and so…Just Chocolate was born!

    A refined colour palette and typography injected with some playful elements help to enhance the overall luxury appeal, whilst creating a confident and memorable identity that will stand out in the Free From aisle.

    “Q+H have transformed the look and appeal of the brand, whilst staying true to its core essence”
    Kate Waine, Marketing Manager from Kinnerton

    2 Deliciously Dark & Smooth flavours are available to buy now – Classic and Florida Orange, and more products due to hit the shelves throughout the year!

By Q+H